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Ekonometria 3(57) 2017 : Praca zbiorowa

Title :
Ekonometria 3(57) 2017 : Praca zbiorowa
Subject :
Publikacje darmowe
Keywords :
banking products
Multidimensional scaling
IRT model
Value-at-risk technology
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112 s.
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Eight articles are published in the fifty-seventh issue of the journal “Econometrics”. The first article, by Marek Walesiak, covers many aspects of the application of multidimensional scaling, especially to study changes in the level of social cohesion of the Lower Silesia region in the period 2005-2015. Justyna Brzezińska presents the visual technics for categorical data in R. The comparison of dichotomous IRT models based on continuous and discrete latent trait with applications in the study of Polish households’ saving skills is the subject of the article by Ewa Genge. The article by Adam Sagan, Aneta Rybicka and Justyna Brzezińska concerns IRT-based conjoint analysis in the optimization of banking products. Bartłomiej Jefmański, in his article, draws attention to the sensitivity of the SERVQUAL score to the choice of the fuzzy conversion scale. A further paper, by Justyna Kulik, covers the problems of technical efficiency and the methods of its measurement. The authors of the next paper, Wiesław Dębski, Ewa Feder-Sempach and Szymon Wójcik, examined the statistical properties of rates of return of the companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The last paper, by Dominik Krężołek, concerns the use of Value-at-Risk methodology in the assessment of investor’s risk attitudes on the precious metals market.
Agnieszka Stanimir
Subject Editor

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